This part of our company focuses on the construction of houses from concept to completion. We have all the experience necessary to see your “idea” of dream home come to reality by working from blueprint all the way to living in the new house.

We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of industry changes and trends to keep pace with the market and know what it takes to see the house go through the many phases of “excavation, foundation, framing, lock-up, drywall, finishing, staging, to finally seeing “life’ in a new house.

Our ultimate measure of success is always to see the lights on and see a family making the house into a home. We put our heart and soul into each project and work on each house construction with “Love Dedication & Passion”. We understand it takes a lot of “blood sweat and tears” to make each house come to its final success and realize every ounce of positive energy is worth the reward at the end.

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  • 10781 80th ave
  • 265 Fir St
  • 266 Fir Street
  • 8357 Centre
  • 10383 Skagit